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Record Review by EVY - 11/12/2009

HAYLEY OLIVER - "I Can Still Dream"

My instant reaction to her new album? "Hello Sony Music Nashville. Here's HAYLEY OLIVER!"

It took me only twenty seconds of listening to the first selection on Hayley Oliver's latest album "I CAN STILL DREAM" to know that England's female 'Voice of Country' reached the pinnacle of professional perfection with the production of her naturally magnetic vocal delivery.

The depth and variety of her traditional country album began with "ANOTHER LONELY NIGHT" - a boot-tapper with the hopeful "...and you'll be my lover and my friend. You're gonna make sure I never spend another lonely night". Hayley's intimately soulful "I CAN STILL DREAM" melts into your heart with "... please let me into your life. I promise to be good. There's only two things I need in life, to be loved and understood." In the next song, a dreamer "... woke early to discover, needed what he'd left behind, lucky to realize in time" and he headed "BACK TO NEW ENGLAND". "DON'T MOVE" ponders the thought "Did we just get so busy that we let love slip away?" as a couple take one last look at each other. Hayley's duet with Gary Lumpkin is another sure hit with their refreshing "I ONLY WANT TO LOVE YOU FOREVER". In "GIVEN TIME" a love of lies had to end with the realization that "given time I know you'll understand why I had to say goodbye". "YOU KNOW WHO" is another polished upbeat tune with great backup musicians that fan the fire in the lyrics "... I'm the one you always turn to, you know who's gonna love you, who's gonna be there for you". (Oh those turns and burns of love!) In "BE LOVE" the tempo slows down as Grandma's words are remembered "... Don't let love be just a word you say - be love. You have to learn to live what you believe. Be kind, be true, have faith in what you do; give it all your heart and soul, through it all - be love". The fiddles cry in "HEARTLESS" as a broken heart bemoans "wish I could be heartless, so you know how I feel when you treat me as heartless as you do." In "FOR A WHILE" the emotion intensifies in Hayley's very beautiful vibrato - "For a while, I was feeling things I hadn't felt in such a long, long time, but I was only someone you needed for a while." The beat bounces back with "LOVE DOING ITS THING" when "... on some day that's not too distant in the future ... and the nations of the world unite in friendship, you'll see love doing its thing."

By the time the musical introduction of the last song began, Hayley Oliver had permanently made her imprint. As her wistful voice reached "PLACES IN MY HEART" a few tears spilled down my cheeks. "Time never fails to leave its mark, but it can't tear this memory apart. There's a street that still winds down the backroads of my mind, that will take me to those places in my heart."

Fortunate indeed, are the songwriters who discovered a skylark like Hayley Oliver to globalize their amazing talents. Luckier still, are the DJs and busy radio station programmers, who can just pick any number from 1 to 12 at random from the album, to the delight of their listeners. Every song on this masterpiece album is a hit.

It is no wonder that my first gut impression was "Hello Sony Music Nashville. Here's Hayley Oliver!" When I see her name on a major record label, I will not be surprised.

With love from Canada,

EVY, Freelance Writer

Meryl Heasman - 26/05/2008

"I had the pleasure of meeting Hayley last year, and she is a lovely and warm person, with a great sense of humour. Hayley is a good friend and always positive in her outlook. this is reflected in her singing. I have her album "Two Hearts" and I think it's brilliant! Well done Hayley and all the best."

Meryl Heasman (songwriter) www.catflapmusic.com

Jon Phillibert - 11/02/2006

When I first heard Hayley sing it completely stopped me in my tracks. I knew I was in the presence of somebody very special. I honestly feel that she is one of the most exciting new stars on the British Country Music scene. A Star is borne!

Jon Phillibert, Songwriter, Country Cuts www.countrycuts.co.uk

Sue Bennett – 15/02/2006

I’m so, so thrilled Hayley has recorded “Two Hearts Dancing as One” as, being loosely based on the lives of my Grandma and Grandpa, (and Grandma died just over a year ago), it has real sentimental value to me. Hayley’s version is lovely and extremely powerful and I just know her new CD will help her reap the rewards and recognition she so rightly deserves.

Sue Bennett – Songwriter www.songu.com/members/suebennett

Colonel Robert Morris – 14/02/2006

I cried when I heard Hayley sing “take me to your world” just like I did the first time I heard Tammy sing it. I was lucky to hear Tammy sing it live at a show I was playing in.

Hayley is the voice of Traditional Country Music, and I am so excited that there are those that are keeping the traditional sound alive.

Colonel Robert Morris, Memphis USA www.meetrobertmorris.com

Ed Pearson – 03/03/2006

Just had a listen to “Two Hearts” by Hayley Oliver, what a talent! I have had the pleasure of working with Hayley on stage and also in the studio on a track from my latest CD. She is such a lovely person; nothing is too much trouble for her! If you get a chance to see her sing don’t miss it! You’ll find, like I did, she’s a diamond!

Ed Pearson Country Music Singer http://www.struckitrich.co.uk/edpearson/index.html
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